Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 9th
Majikoi S Trial Version: ~45% Translated. People have helped with getting the script in the game, but nothing concrete as of yet. Help in that area would be cool.

Goddammit, I'm not gay.


  1. Lookit dese homos translatin' their dumb Japanese datin' game. What losers eh? Should just let the non moon readers rot.

  2. >Homosexuals translating H-scenes

    Just don't put TOO much emphasis on Yamato's glorious, pulsating, firm, strong, rock hard, sculpted cock. Okay?

  3. You people make me sick, i for one is looking forward to this wonderful project and for those of you who lack the intelligence or ability, to just shut the fuck up, please can you refrain from talking to me or anyone you miserable excuses for the excrement that fell out of a baboon's rectum. You're about as evolved as the lowest single celled lifeform and you shame the rest of humanity with your existence. It's a disgrace that you buck-toothed, chinless wonders actually have opposable thumbs. You should do the decent thing and isolate yourself in a dark room, or at least wear a bag over your head when you go out so I won't vomit all over the street at the sight of your bug-eyed, monobrowed countenance staring at every shiny thing like a goldfish on bad acid.

    1. Man, didn't you read the sign? Don't feed the trolls!