Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 9 Daily of Translating the Majikoi S Trial Version

2nd year 1st semester: 7,802/7,802
The future where you're not in any relationship: 33,551/59,614 words
Alternative future with Miyako 1: 0/534
Future with Chosokabe: 0/259

approx. 20 words=1 line, 50 words=.1kb

Day 9 of translating Majikoi S trial version.

Total: 41353/67416 words

62% done

Roughly 10% of the translated text is inserted.

Spent most of today messing around with the nifty new tools. Check out /vn/ for a little beta test.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Yeah, just replace your script.pac file.

    2. Sure would like you to delete the link, though. There's still problems in it so we don't want it getting out too early.

    3. Oh, sorry about that. I deleted it. :) I was about to go post the link in vndb forums, but I guess I won't do that now. Is it okay if I post there saying to check out /vn/ just like you've said here?

  2. Just finished reading through the prologue, and all I can say is I'M FREAKIN' HYPED. :D
    Thanks for your great work. Hoping to see at least the trial through to completion. I couldn't see any mistakes either, except for Matsukaze's name, but you've already acknowledged that in /vn/. If that can't be helped, it's not much of a problem, anyway.
    Thanks again. Great work. You guys rock. :D

  3. Go for it. Sorry about being totally late, though. Had a rousing conversation. I understand there were a lot of minor grammar errors, though. I guess it's nice to know that if you're not really looking for them, you can't find them.

    1. I'm usually good at spotting grammar errors in stuff I read, so I'm pretty sure there aren't any glaring errors, at least. Probably just tiny ones that are more towards common usage than grammar. However, I think I'll read through the prologue again to see if I can spot any. Possibly, I was so hyped that I missed any errors. This is Majikoi, after all. Hard to be not hyped. :P
      PS. I just LOVE those animated battle sequences. Especially loved Chris' one in the warehouse against the thugs.

  4. Thanks for all of this, if you guys decide to translate the entire game, you will be officially awesome :P