Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 11 of Majikoi S Trial's translation

(The translator's too lazy to figure out those spiffy numbers)
 Translation: 65% finished
 Rough edit-Insertion: 60% finished
 Completed (translated, edited fully, inserted) : 30% Overall

Translation's started back up. According to the translator, it's easier to insert before edit rather than the opposite. Weird.

I've been trying to be punctual with the status updates, but they're being posted later and later. Sorry.


  1. Great work! You guys are progressing really fast.

    But if you do ever feel like translating the full game, you better think of slowing down. Otherwise, you'll be sick of it before even a single arc is done. It'll be like running full speed at the beginning of a marathon. -__-

    PS. Monshiro isn't really a kid, right?... right?

  2. Don't burn yourself out guys, it ain't a race. This one is definitely for savouring slowly :)

  3. Just wanted to let you know that i actually love you for translating this, im a massive fan of the series, are you by any chance planning to translate the full game in the future?

  4. Great job guys. This is awesome Majikoi S at least will have a proper translation :)

    1. Calm down, people. They're still just doing the trial and haven't decided whether they'd do the full game yet, afaik. But yeah, hard to stop feeling hyped, I admit. :P

  5. >it's easier to insert before edit rather than the opposite. Weird.
    Just tired of the copypasting, gets pretty old after doing it for few days.
    >Slowing down the pace
    We're going at this pace until we finish the trial version, after the trial version? That's then.
    >Full game?
    No comment

    Greentext doesn't even work on here dammit why am I using it

  6. yeah I have to agree, while super fast progress is nice, if you keep this pace in the full game you will get a route and maybe a half done before you burn out.

    none the less great work!

  7. all of you are the best !!! im from venezuela and i love you translation´s is sooo amazing i love majikoi and well you´re doing a great work TOOOO!!!