Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 16

Just need the final editing, and then go over the trial to check if there's any problem.


  1. Sweeeeet. So if no more problems, trial will be out by tomorrow?

  2. OMG!

    I bookmarked this page after seeing that you guys are thinking about doing the full game!

  3. IF you guys do plan to do the full game, do you think you'll recruit more people to help? Anyway, thanks for this. I'll try this out when the people at yandere are finished with the first game.

    1. Haven't decided when we're starting on the full game, already got 3 more people for QC. More translator would be nice, since it'll make things faster.

      Yandere's not going to be done with the original game for a while, since there's the Agave route after the Miyako route.

      Majikoi S doesn't spoil anything about the original game, so no problem on playing this trial without finishing the original.

    2. Hmm the people at Hiryuu did consider translating it but they don't have the resources..

      Check out what the guy named Firebird said:

      Maybe they would be willing to help if you ask them on their IRC who knows.

    3. Sounds interesting, but that was 8 month ago, so I'm not so sure...

      I'll remember that when I start on the full game.

  4. Thanks guys, eagerly waiting.

  5. hell yeah!!!
    thank you very much for trial translations, really hope you guys will be doing full game translations.
    once again thank you very much guys!

  6. if you finish today, will you be releasing it tomorrow?

  7. Thanks for all the effort you're putting into the translation of this trial.

    I have no clear indication about how large of a game Majikoi S is (same as original?), but I can understand that it's intimidating to take on the translation of an entire game. Would be great if you're up for the task, but understandable if you won't.

    In any case, thanks for doing what you're doing right now.